Internships, Post-Bars, and Volunteer Opportunities


The Denver Innocence Project utilizes the help of many student interns, post-bars, and professional volunteers to do their work.  Below is information for students, post-bars, and professionals, and other community members who want to volunteer in our office.

Post-bar Positions

Post-bars have the opportunity to work to the full extent allowed under the Colorado Rules Governing the Practice of Law as is applicable to our caseload.   Post-bars can work full-time (35-40 hours/week) or part-time (20-25 hours/week).  To apply, please send a resume, cover letter describing your experience with wrongful conviction issues and court room/hearing experience, writing sample, and 3 references to  Post-bars may be invited for an interview.  Interviews will be rolling as post-bar applications are received.

  • February Exam Post Bars: Deadline is September 30

  • July Exam Post Bars: Deadline is February 1

For Credit Internships

One the Denver Innocence Project's goals is to train students to become excellent attorneys, advocates, and Freedom Fighters.  Although we do not yet have a formal affiliation with local schools or universities, we will coordinate with educational institutes so students can earn school internship credit for their time in our office.

For credit interns are expected to attend bi-weekly classes to learn the skills required to be a successful intern and hold regular office hours.  As the Denver Innocence Project's caseload continues to grow, we anticipate that each intern will be assigned at least one case for review.  

All internships require a two semester/quarter commitment, and begin in the fall of each academic year.  In order to apply, please complete an application (read the directions carefully) and an interview.  Additionally, internship students will be required to complete three days of training prior to the fall semester/quarters starting.  The training dates will be announced by the time the applications are due.  It will be up to the student to help coordinate the paperwork between their school and the Denver Innocence Project in order to obtain internship credit.  

For the 2018-2019 academic year, internship applications are due on June 1, 2018 and interviews will be scheduled the first two weeks of June 2018.  All decisions will be made by July 1, 2018.  If you have any questions, or would like an application, please email


The Denver Innocence Project hires unpaid interns to work in our office each academic semester/quarter.  Interning for the Denver Innocence Project is an incredible and unique experience for anyone interested in social justice, criminal reform, and becoming an attorney or investigator.   Unpaid interns are allowed to attend the bi-weekly classes for the for-credit interns to gain even more knowledge and skills to become a successful volunteer.  

We ask that each volunteer commit to a minimum of 5 hours a week, a commitment of at least one semester/quarter, and attend a one day volunteer training.  If you are interested in becoming an intern, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining what you would like to do and what you can help with to   

The deadline to send materials is as follows:

  • To intern from January - May, the deadline November 1
  • To intern from May - August, the deadline is March 1
  • To intern from September - December, the deadline is July 1

Professional Volunteers

It takes a teams of amazing volunteers to make our work happen.  The Denver Innocence Project always accepts rolling professional volunteers and aid.  Click here to send your information and resume for any of the professional volunteer positions listed  below.  

Expert Witnesses and Forensic Analysts: As our case load grows, we need to utilize expert witnesses and forensic analysts for case consultation and analysis, who are kind enough to work pro bono or at a reduced rate.  Additionally, we invite expert witnesses and forensic analysts to educate our students, volunteers, and interns about their specific expertise and knowledge.  This is an invaluable experience for the Denver Innocence Project team to learn to learn from real life professionals about real life issues.  

Attorney Volunteers and Legal Scholars: We currently have several volunteer attorneys that assist the Denver Innocence Project in many ways, and not all involved criminal law.  Attorneys specializing in business, legal ethics, appellate law and procedure, human resources, transactional work, civil litigation, trial skills, and administrative hearings are also needed to help the Denver Innocence Project in matters pertaining to their field, and to educate the Denver Innocence Project team on their fields as it can help us in different contexts of our organization.  In addition to that, we are always seeking volunteer attorneys to help us with initial case review screening to determine if a case is one in which we can help with.  We are also looking for more seasoned volunteer attorneys and big law firms to partner with the Denver Innocence Project on case representation.  

Investigators: As our cases develop, we will utilize licensed investigators regularly.  Not only do we welcome licensed investigators, but also retired police officers, sheriff's deputies, parole and probation officers, and retired correctional officers to help us with investigation efforts.  In addition to investigatory help, your knowledge is invaluable to help the Denver Innocence Project develop their investigation strategies and plans, and to help students learn about the various aspects of investigatory work.  Investigators can volunteer for single assignments or work on entire cases in certain situations.  

Other professionals: Even though the Denver Innocence Project is a legal services organization, we rely on volunteers from various professions and fields.  The Denver Innocence Project welcomes help from professionals with experience in fundraising and development strategies, policy review and reform, office management, accounting and taxes, and student education, and everything in between.  Even if you are a professional that just wants to help in our office, we welcome your help.